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Lisa Arnold is the co-author of Mr. Woo’s Adventure and other children’s book titles such as The Book of Dreamville. She writes and illustrates her books which are also available in eBook and audio book formats. She also is a webtoon artist, the creator of AquaPanda and Subject 819.

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Subject 819 by Lisa Arnold

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New! Into the Mirage Coloring Book

Into the Mirage by Jessica and Lisa Arnold. This is a mind-bending coloring experience with surreal characters! Available in Print format on Amazon. Lisa has also illustrated other books in the Hidden Side Coloring Book Series.

Polly Penny’s New Friend by Lisa Arnold

Polly Penny plans a perfect day at school, but little does she know there’s a new student ready to spoil her day! Melissa Dollar is new to Knight Owl Academy, but look out! She’s no fan of Polly Penny. Melissa makes sure Polly knows what she thinks about her, forcing her to decide how to handle her new rude friend.
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The Book of Dreamville by Lisa Arnold

The latest illustrated book by Lisa Arnold, “The Book of Dreamville: Theater of Dreams” is imaginative and unique. Where does Dreamville begin and the story end? Somewhere in your dreams!
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Mr. Woo’s Adventure by Lisa Arnold and Haley Sloan

Deep in the countryside, past the city limit signs, lived a little piglet and he was one of nine. Come along with Mr. Woo as he learns that the world is really bigger than he expected! Mr. Woo is a curious but lucky piglet. One day, he decides to sneak away and have his own adventure over by the pond. He looses track of time and gets sleepy. When he wakes up, it’s dark!  Audio narration by Tiffany Williams.

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Skeleton Sketches Coloring Book by Jessica & Lisa Arnold

Skeleton Sketches has twenty-three pages of mind relaxing coloring enjoyment! Color these fun-loving skeleton sketches! This coloring book features the imaginative art of sisters Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold. Your spooky coloring adventure includes skulls, bones and plenty of fun! There are rock-and-roll skeletons, dancing skeletons, psychedelic skulls and bony pirates guarding treasure! Hippy grinning skeletons and candy skulls are celebrating the Day of the Dead, Halloween, or just hanging out – just waiting for you to add some color! Each illustration is drawn by hand from the artists’ imagination. Also included are original illustrations by Patricia Arnold and William Arnold. Amazon
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Ellie’s First Puppy by Lisa Arnold

Ellie is about to get a surprise birthday present she didn’t expect – a bulldog puppy. She gets to choose the puppy that she wants, and she seems to know right away that Daisy is the one for her. She learns that having a puppy is a big responsibility and that taking care of Daisy is more work than she thought. .

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Give Friendship a Chance
by Lisa Arnold

Polly is happy to begin school in a new town. She can’t wait to meet everyone and make some friends. Her first day gets a little rough when she meets Melissa, a girl with a chip on her shoulder. She teases her in class and yells at her. As it turns out, there may be an explanation for Melissa’s rude behavior.
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Hello My Name is Rose by Lisa Arnold and Jessica Arnold

“Hello My Name is Rose and this is My Christmas Story” invites children to count the days to Christmas with Rose. Every day she has something different planned to celebrate Christmas. Includes 26 illustrations by first time authors Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold.