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New! Traveling Coloring Book Summer Special Volume I

We are releasing the first in the series of a seasonal portable coloring book, Traveling Coloring Book. We’ve included a set of coloring book pages by three illustrators! We’re leaving this special summer coloring book issue at various locations during our summer giveaway. If you’re on a trip, you may just find a free copy of our limited edition Traveling Coloring Book to keep! Can’t wait to start coloring? Download ten coloring pages from the book free!

We’re also accepting orders for the print version. Contact us or visit us on Facebook to order your copy. In addition, we accept PayPal for the (printed in-house) autographed version. Just 9.99, shipping included.

New! Hidden Side Coloring Books by Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold

Jessica Arnold, author of I am Good at Lots of Things and Nobody Can Take My Happy Away has released a new series of coloring books. The series, Hidden Side Coloring Books already has five books with more on the way! These books are an accomplishment in artistry. Each illustration in black and white features works from the authors imagination, unique, compelling and amazing. Jessica and her sister and co-author Lisa Arnold (on some of the books in the series) have illustrated a world for the reader to color that is interesting, whimsical and dynamic. Each book is available on Amazon in print and as a digital download on Google Play. Some titles are also available on Etsy as a digital download only. The digital download is offered so that creatives around the world can print off Jessica Arnold’s and Lisa Arnold’s amazing line art to color on their home printer.

The coloring books have topics that include skeletons, phobias, witches, imagination and even the Zodiac. Jessica has taken each topic and turned it into a character, a setting and a story told in pictures.

A note about digital downloads: When buying the digital ebooks on Google Play and Etsy, you have access to the .pdf for downloading and printing at home. You are able to download the .pdf on Google Play and Etsy if you have purchased the ebook. This ebook is not a coloring app, but purchase allows you to download the .pdf for printing on your home printer. Contact us for support, we’re happy to help you get your digital download.

Skeleton Sketches Coloring to reduce stress Book
Skeleton Sketches by Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold

Book I.
Skeleton Sketches by Jessica Arnold & Lisa Arnold
Released 6/10/2017
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1547254157
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1547254156

Skeleton Sketches has twenty-three pages of mind relaxing coloring enjoyment! Color these fun-loving skeleton sketches! This coloring book features the imaginative art of sisters Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold. Your spooky coloring adventure includes skulls, bones and plenty of fun! There are rock-and-roll skeletons, dancing skeletons, psychedelic skulls and bony pirates guarding treasure! Hippy grinning skeletons and candy skulls are celebrating the Day of the Dead, Halloween, or just hanging out – just waiting for you to add some color! Each illustration is drawn by hand from the artists’ imagination. Also included are original illustrations by Patricia Arnold and William Arnold.
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Book II.
Into the Mirage by Jessica Arnold & Lisa Arnold
Released 3/20/2020
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8628372760

The coloring pages in this surreal book is the next president in the coloring experience.
Into the Mirage Coloring Book by Jessica and Lisa Arnold Book 2 in the Hidden Side Coloring Books series.

A coloring book for the unusual! These out of bounds characters have decided to welcome you into their world – well, aren’t you the lucky one! If you’re a person that’s a bit on the weird side, maybe a traveler lost in space, a not-so-cuddly rabbit, or perhaps a teenage guy that has an obsession for living stuffed animals, then this coloring book just might be the one for you. Enjoy bringing this odd gang of characters to life! Time to kick back, grab whatever coloring tools you have lying around and enjoy!This coloring book has 21 hand-drawn designs featuring the strange, the eerie and the friendless.
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Witchcraft Witches Spell Witches Vow Mindfulness Activity Coloring
A Witches’ Vow Coloring Book by Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold

Book III.
A Witches’ Vow
Released 2/21/2021
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8711265320

This coloring book is dedicated to witches everywhere. Color these twenty digitally hand-drawn illustrations by artists Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold. These haunting illustrations feature both the light and dark side of witchcraft. These images were from the imaginative authors of the Skeleton Sketches Coloring Book. Don’t judge the innocent or the wicked. They weren’t born from the same blood, Nor share the same vow. Don’t ask questions. They won’t ever tell. They hide within these silent pages. Perhaps you can help them color their true intentions. You’ll see the lost hands of the darkest of trees, An icy grasp searching for warm life. John Hathorne isn’t the only judge, The Devil places his claws on the scales of justice. Do not fear the dark images within. You will also find light. Some still hold their hearts to the sun.This book has 20 digitally hand-drawn designs.Each page is printed on single-sided paper.
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Color Phobias Coloring Book Relaxation Fun Coloring Adult Coloring Book
Color Phobias Coloring Book by Jessica Arnold

Book IV.
Color the Phobias
Released 3/27/2021
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8728995890

Color the phobias you may or may not have in this short lived coloring book! By Jessica Arnold, one of the author of Skeleton Sketches. Color the Phobias has pages of illustrations that address this rather unusual topic. Do you have one of these fears or know someone who does? Color away!
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Zodiac Signs Astrology Book capricorn pisces aries aquarius gemeni virgo taurus libra sagittarius scorpio cancer leo
Color Your Zodiac Coloring Book illustrated by Jessica Arnold. Pages for every sign of the zodiac.

Book V.
Color Your Zodiac
Released 6/16/2021
ISBN: 9798513156697

Imagine if each symbol of the zodiac were a living, breathing creature! We’ve all seen representations of our zodiac sign, but artist Jessica Arnold has applied imagination and her gift for creating unique characters to the pages of this coloring book. Find your sign, find the signs of others to color over and over in this mind-bending coloring book.
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Book VI.
Outlines of Space
Released 7/14/21
ISBN: 979-8536938256

A new outer space coloring book by Jessica Arnold


Color in the spaces of the galaxy! See astronauts traveling amongst the stars, discover new planets and meet new friends or perhaps a foe from this universe.


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The Coloring by Design Coloring Book Series

Coloring by Design Coloring Book SeriesBook 1 – Dream Patterns Coloring Book
The Dream Patterns Coloring Book includes original illustrations by artists Patricia Arnold and Lisa Arnold.Coloring encourages wellness and inner peace. This simple, soothing activity stimulates the areas of the brain responsible for creativity, motor skills, and the senses. Join others of all ages in this soothing activity. Organized in three parts, this adult coloring book has 34 illustrations to color. The Imagination Garden includes floral patterns, birds and landscapes. Celestial Dreams contains coloring pages inspired by the sun, moon and stars. Underwater Inspirations takes you under the sea and into lakes filled with koi. Choose your favorite page and color it using crayons, color pencils or just about anything you like to color with. If using markers, place a sheet of paper behind the page you are coloring to prevent bleed through. Each drawing was created specifically for this book. Existing stock images were not used and the images are hand drawn.
Teachers Pay Teachers – Ocean Themed Coloring Pages
Teachers Pay Teachers – Garden Themed Coloring Pages

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Book 2 – Pirate Castaways Coloring Book
Ahoy all pirate castaways! All aboard for a colorful pirate themed adventure! All hands on deck as we lead you on a journey filled with shipwrecks, mermaids, pirate treasure and creatures from the deep! Be sure to count ‘yar coins, skeleton keys and pearls to decode a message in a bottle from a fellow pirate castaway at the end of the book! This book is filled with pairs of illustrations to color; one with treasures and one without. Compare the differences in both. This coloring book is by Patricia Arnold, the author of Dream Patterns, first in the Color by Design coloring book series. Filled with illustrations by artists and pirate fans Patricia Arnold, Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold. Coloring is a soothing activity that helps focus on mindfulness. Use your crayons, coloring pencils or other medium of choice to create beautiful designs that you can customize with your imagination! Take your coloring book and supplies on vacation for a low tech, uplifting activity at the beach or during camping trips.
Teachers Pay Teachers – Pirate Themed Coloring Pages
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