Author W.R. Arnold

Our newest author to join 4 Oak Books is W.R. Arnold. His first novel, Endangered is a science fiction novel that debuted this month. A fan of classic novels, author W.R. Arnold resides in rural Northern Michigan. He enjoys scary movies and gaming in his spare time. He’s inspired by esoteric art and enjoys watching ghost hunting shows.

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Benjamin Daniels may be the last human to fall in this science fiction fantasy thriller. In Endangered, an unlikely hero tries desperately to survive a post-apocalyptic world of genetically engineered lethal animals. Ben is looking for answers, so he leaves the only shelter he’s had since the catastrophic experiments of WyldePreserve Laboratories created a hell on earth where humans are now the prey. To find what is left, Ben must navigate this altered nightmarish aftermath.

Monstrous bears, wolves and hideous hybrid monsters rule the night. These creatures are not just deadly, they’re intelligent. Feral predators hunt Ben as he tries to find the truth.

Out of his depth and running out of time, Ben must face a choice. He can either die or evolve.