Welcome to our world! We’re a women-owned publishing house of authors, illustrators and creatives writing and illustrating books since 2011. Our mission is to create unique books. Books like Dream Patterns Coloring Book by Patricia Arnold, the Hidden Side Coloring Book Series by Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold, Nobody Can Take My Happy Away by Jessica ArnoldĀ and Strictly G.I. by Patricia Arnold have sold in the thousands.

You’ll find our books to be one hundred percent original. We create our own illustrations and write our own stories. Get to know our authors a story at a time, from non-fiction to fiction. An artist, graphic designer and author, Patricia Arnold is the founder and creative lead at 4 Oak Books.

Every aspect of our books are created in-house. Books are a beacon in challenging times, so during the pandemic, we opted to keep working non-stop to bring readers a variety of options. In 2020, Lisa Arnold and Jessica Arnold joined our production department, learning publishing and design techniques. By 2021, Jessica and Lisa were designing the unique books 4 Oak Books is known for, increasing our catalog of original stories, coloring books and novels nearing completion.

While our books in eBook and print format continue to grow in number, we partner with audio producers to create quality audio books for everyone. Our partnerships have resulted in an amazing selection of audio books that spark the imagination! Interested in selling our books in your book store? Contact us, we would love to hear from you!