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Patricia Arnold is a versatile author who writes and illustrates books. Patricia is inspired by mythical beings, stories and legends. She has a collection of encyclopedias on legends and mythology she’s enjoyed since childhood. She has written over a dozen books including fantasy fiction. Patricia has degrees in graphic design and an MSIA in information assurance from Davenport University.

Patricia’s first book became an important milestone for her. Strictly G.I. commemorates her grandmother’s service in the Womens Army Auxiliary Corp during World War II. Her fantasy fiction series, The Magical Murphy Farm features mischievous fairy characters who lend their help to a family farm. Each story is infused with laughter and lessons learned. 

Patricia recently attended the Unreality Fest at Barnes and Noble, Battle Creek as a fantasy fiction author and panel member.

Author Panel for Unreality Fest 2018: Patricia Arnold attended Unreality Fest 2018 at Barnes & Noble, Battle Creek, MI with her fellow fantasy fiction authors on October 20, 2018.

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NEW! Building a Handmade Business: Growing a Creative Company

Starting a creative company shouldn’t require going into debt. If you agree, you’ll find wit and wisdom in this book for creative entrepreneurs. Author, artist and graphic designer Patricia Arnold presents her best tips for starting a handmade business with this initial volume in her Creative Entrepreneur series. After starting a business in 1999 on a shoestring budget and then founding a second one ten years later, Patricia Arnold has a lot to say about building creative businesses from scratch. With her works selling locally as well as globally, Patricia has written this book in a manner that addresses the dilemmas of the creative entrepreneur. Those wishing to follow her lead and build their own creative company or sell their handmade art will find inspiration in this book.Told from the author’s standpoint based on years of fine art study and experience, Patricia offers her own creative story including lessons she’s learned along the way. Prior to embracing handmade once more, Patricia learned traditional commercial art methods in the 1980’s classroom and digital design during the 1990’s and 2000’s. Patricia’s creative journey has been an interesting one that will have the reader ready to take their own ideas to the next level.
NEW IN PRINT! Christmas Poems and Short Stories 
A collection of short stories and poems by Patricia Arnold. Audio book narration by Carol Marino.
This holiday anthology of six Christmas Short Stories blends contemporary stories of fiction with traditional charm. These cheerful, heartwarming tales feature nostalgic Christmas memories paired with enchanting stories of magic. Christmas angels, fairies and Santa Claus make appearances within the pages of this book. The author began these Christmas stories in 1997 with the award winning essay, The Best Part of Christmas.
In the The Ghosts of Christmas Past previous generations meet the present because of an ordinary family heirloom. A hand-me-down red scarf is the key to Christmas magic in The Red Christmas Scarf. The Winter Road is a short story of a boy living in a rural area who learns the land he lives on is frequented by someone important once a year. A Fairy Merry Christmas invites readers to the Murphy Farm, where homesteading fairies join forces with The Murphy family to help Santa complete his deliveries. Three poems provide holiday warmth between stories while charming illustrations by the author adorn the pages.

Dusty Rose: True Love Forever by Patricia Arnold
Cascade City is a scenic beach town with a history some would rather forget. High school sweethearts Dustin and Rose celebrate their wedding day on the dunes in 1989. Unaware of the shocking events to come, their honeymoon “stay-cation” is a house they christen Dusty Rose. One fateful event later, the lonesome house near Lighthouse Point is left with an infamous reputation. Years pass by, adding layers of mystery like dust on woodwork. Will the real murderer ever be found?
Dusty Rose: True Love Forever – Amazon
The Magical Murphy Farm Series by Patricia Arnold

Join Brooke as she discovers the hidden world of fairies! A Fairy Good Year is the culmination of four seasons in the life of Brooke Murphy, a young girl living on a farm. Each season brings a new discovery about Lismore Baile, the colony of fairies that inhabit her parent’s land. This book includes the first four stories from The Magical Murphy Farm series. In the spring, Brooke finds some magical glasses that allow her to see the realm of Lismore Baile. By summer, she joins her new friends as they search for a lost water nymph. During the fall, Brooke receives a birthday surprise from her friends. In the winter, Join the Murphys and the people of Lismore Baile as they prepare for the holiday season. Christmas Eve is all the more incredible at the Magical Murphy Farm when a special visitor arrives! With a fairy story for every season, the magical Murphy Farm is the most amazing place you’ll ever inhabit! Includes beautiful illustrations by Patricia Arnold and Lisa Arnold.

All 4 books are available in audio format with narration by David Zarbock

A Fairy Good Year (Anthology of all 4 Books)

All 4 Books in 1 – B&N Print
All 4 Books in 1 –  Kobo
All 4 Books in 1 – Smashwords
All 4 Books in 1 – Box Set – B&N
Book I: Brooke and the Magic Spectacles
Book I – B&N
Book I –  iTunes Books
Book I – Kobo
Book I – Smashwords
Book I – Amazon
Book I – Google Play

Book II: Brooke and the Amazing Discovery

Book II – Amazon
Book II – B&N
Book II – iTunes Books
Book II – Kobo
Book II – Smashwords
Book II – Google Play
Book III: Brooke and the Fairy Happy Birthday

Book III – Amazon
Book III – B&N
Book III – iTunes Audio Book
Book III – iTunes Books
Book III – Kobo
Book III – Google Play
Book IV: Brooke and the Fairy Merry Christmas

Book IV – Amazon
Book IV – B&N
Book IV – iTunes Audio Book
Book IV – iTunes Books
Book IV – Kobo
Book IV – Google Play
Monster Land by Patricia Arnold

Molly lives by the beach, and misbehaves all the time. There’s a reason why she acts up. It’s the monsters of Monster Land! The monsters are free to act and do as they please and that’s what Molly wants to do as well. For awhile…

B&N Print

Punkin Jim by Patricia Arnold

“Punkin Jim” is about the transformation of a humble little pumpkin from a pumpkin patch into a mischievous Halloween spirit. The ordinary pumpkin is ripe for Punkin Jim to take over because he is sad because Autumn Wilson didn’t choose him to be her jack-o-lantern.


Sassy Catt Acts Bad by Patricia Arnold and Lisa Arnold

Sassy Cat has a little brother named Junior. Even though Junior Cat is just a kitten, Sassy wishes he would act good! One day, she gets an idea to act just like Junior, doing all the things that she thinks that her brother would do. Eventually, Sassy learns that she really just needs to have some patience with her sibling and that Junior really just wants to spend time with her. She learns that having a little brother can be fun and she can be a sister that Junior can look up to.

The Illuminiers by Patricia Arnold

The Illuminiers is a story of Amberly and Morgan. Both are from successful suburban families until out of nowhere, they are individually caught up in the schemes of Markus Burne. Their uncertain paths connect in a place of mystery and magic.

Strictly G.I. by Patricia Arnold 

Strictly G.I. is a woman’s historical World War II Memoir created from an actual collection of letters and Vmail. Wanda served in the 149th WAAC Post Hq. Co., the first group of Womens Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) during World War II to be sent overseas. “Strictly G.I.” is a phrase my grandmother used to describe herself. She advanced quickly in the ranks, and shared her proudest moments in the letters, beginning with her initial training in Des Moines to marches before the general in North Africa. She also shares more humorous moments and interesting observations.

Audio Book: Strictly G.I. by Patricia Arnold and Narrated by: Priscilla Finch iTunes

Social Engineering: Hiding in Plain Sight (InfoSec Series)
Written by Patricia Arnold, MSIA
The movie industry has glamorized the abilities of technically talented people. From Mission Impossible to The Matrix, we are impressed at what the human mind can accomplish with the assistance of a computer. This book doesn’t underestimate gifted hacker groups, but it does raise the question of how much ammo we giving them to launch their attack.

The human mind can devise ways to think outside of the constructs of the box even when provided with the smallest details.

Audio Book: Social Engineering: Hiding in Plain Sight by Patricia Arnold and narrated by Rich Grimshaw (iTunes)

Coloring by Design Coloring Book Series
Book 1 – Dream Patterns Coloring Book

The Dream Patterns Coloring Book includes original illustrations by artists Patricia Arnold and Lisa Arnold.Coloring encourages wellness and inner peace. This simple, soothing activity stimulates the areas of the brain responsible for creativity, motor skills, and the senses. Join others of all ages in this soothing activity. Organized in three parts, this adult coloring book has 34 illustrations to color. The Imagination Garden includes floral patterns, birds and landscapes. Celestial Dreams contains coloring pages inspired by the sun, moon and stars. Underwater Inspirations takes you under the sea and into lakes filled with koi. Choose your favorite page and color it using crayons, color pencils or just about anything you like to color with. If using markers, place a sheet of paper behind the page you are coloring to prevent bleed through. Each drawing was created specifically for this book. Existing stock images were not used.
Teachers Pay Teachers – Ocean Themed Coloring Pages
Teachers Pay Teachers – Garden Themed Coloring Pages
Google Play
Book 2 – Pirate Castaways Coloring Book

Ahoy all pirate castaways! All aboard for a colorful pirate themed adventure! All hands on deck as we lead you on a journey filled with shipwrecks, mermaids, pirate treasure and creatures from the deep! Be sure to count ‘yar coins, skeleton keys and pearls to decode a message in a bottle from a fellow pirate castaway at the end of the book! This book is filled with pairs of illustrations to color; one with treasures and one without. Compare the differences in both. This coloring book is by Patricia Arnold, the author of Dream Patterns, first in the Color by Design coloring book series. Filled with illustrations by artists and pirate fans Patricia Arnold, Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold. Coloring is a soothing activity that helps focus on mindfulness. Use your crayons, coloring pencils or other medium of choice to create beautiful designs that you can customize with your imagination! Take your coloring book and supplies on vacation for a low tech, uplifting activity at the beach or during camping trips.


Teachers Pay Teachers – Pirate Themed Coloring Pages
Google Play

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