NEW! Building a Handmade Business: Growing a Creative Company
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Starting a creative company shouldn’t require going into debt. If you agree, you’ll find wit and wisdom in this book for creative entrepreneurs. Author, artist and graphic designer Patricia Arnold presents her best tips for starting a handmade business with this initial volume in her Creative Entrepreneur series. After starting a business in 1999 on a shoestring budget and then founding a second one ten years later, Patricia Arnold has a lot to say about building creative businesses from scratch. With her works selling locally as well as globally, Patricia has written this book in a manner that addresses the dilemmas of the creative entrepreneur. Those wishing to follow her lead and build their own creative company or sell their handmade art will find inspiration in this book.Told from the author’s standpoint based on years of fine art study and experience, Patricia offers her own creative story including lessons she’s learned along the way. Prior to embracing handmade once more, Patricia learned traditional commercial art methods in the 1980’s classroom and digital design during the 1990’s and 2000’s. Patricia’s creative journey has been an interesting one that will have the reader ready to take their own ideas to the next level.
NEW IN PRINT! Christmas Poems and Short Stories 
A collection of short stories and poems by Patricia Arnold. Audio book narration by Carol Marino.
This holiday anthology of six Christmas Short Stories blends contemporary stories of fiction with traditional charm. These cheerful, heartwarming tales feature nostalgic Christmas memories paired with enchanting stories of magic. Christmas angels, fairies and Santa Claus make appearances within the pages of this book. The author began these Christmas stories in 1997 with the award winning essay, The Best Part of Christmas.
In the The Ghosts of Christmas Past previous generations meet the present because of an ordinary family heirloom. A hand-me-down red scarf is the key to Christmas magic in The Red Christmas Scarf. The Winter Road is a short story of a boy living in a rural area who learns the land he lives on is frequented by someone important once a year. A Fairy Merry Christmas invites readers to the Murphy Farm, where homesteading fairies join forces with The Murphy family to help Santa complete his deliveries. Three poems provide holiday warmth between stories while charming illustrations by the author adorn the pages.
NEW AUDIO BOOK! Polly Penny’s New Friend
Polly Penny plans a perfect day at school, but little does she know there’s a new student ready to spoil her day! Melissa Dollar is new to Knight Owl Academy, but look out! She’s no fan of Polly Penny. Melissa makes sure Polly knows what she thinks about her, forcing her to decide how to handle her new rude friend.


Endangered by W.R. Arnold

Benjamin Daniels may be the last human to fall in this science fiction fantasy thriller. In Endangered, an unlikely hero tries desperately to survive a post-apocalyptic world of genetically engineered lethal animals. Ben is looking for answers, so he leaves the only shelter he’s had since the catastrophic experiments of WyldePreserve Laboratories created a hell on earth where humans are now the prey. To find what is left, Ben must navigate this altered nightmarish aftermath.

Monstrous bears, wolves and hideous hybrid monsters rule the night. These creatures are not just deadly, they’re intelligent. Feral predators hunt Ben as he tries to find the truth.

Out of his depth and running out of time, Ben must face a choice. He can either die or evolve.

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