Nobody Still Can’t Take My Happy Away by Jessica Arnold

Emily’s World Series
Nobody Still Can’t Take My Happy Away is the Sequel to Jessica Arnold’s bestselling children’s book, Nobody Can Take My Happy Away. Both books are part of the Emily’s World Series, featuring Jessica’s courageous character Emily.

New Audio Book!
Nobody Still Can’t Take My Happy Away is available as an eBook, print copy and now an audio book through Audible and iTunes. Jessica’s book has been narrated by audiobook producer Oliver Hunt. He has voiced Jessica’s story in a manner that is both engaging and delightful. Oliver comes from the United Kingdom, and readers can learn more about the narrator at his website and follow @oliverthereader on Twitter. Learn more about the author here and be sure to subscribe to our blog!

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Book Description“Nobody Still Can’t Take My Happy Away” is the amazing sequel to the best selling book, “Nobody Can Take My Happy Away” by author Jessica Arnold! This book features colorful, stunning illustrations by the author.

Remember when Emily had trouble making friends? Now she has three! Things are going great! The bullying she experienced is behind her. Her days are filled with fun because Wendy, Nicole and Kelly enjoy spending time together. All four best friends like to share their friendship with others, but when new girl Lindsey comes along she turns everything upside down!

Emily struggles to try to find a way to compete with Lindsey, who seems to have everything she doesn’t. Lindsey makes her feel bad because Emily’s friends aren’t paying attention and they’re not helping her plan a party for the first graders. Finding herself on the outside of the friend circle isn’t fun, but perhaps she can find a way to stay positive while not getting too overwhelmed.

This book is perfect for those that have ever felt like an outsider among their own friends.

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