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Summer 2017: Summer Book Releases
The Skeleton Sketches Coloring Book by Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold has been released! Available beginning June 9, 2017 as both a print book and printable! Available on Amazon, Google Play and Gum Road (to name a few). Learn more at our new online 4 Oak Book Store. Description: Skeleton Sketches has twenty-three pages of mind relaxing coloring enjoyment! Color these fun-loving skeleton sketches! This coloring book features the imaginative illustrations of sisters Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold. Your spooky coloring adventure includes skulls, bones and plenty of fun! There are rock-and-roll skeletons, dancing skeletons, psychedelic skulls and bony pirates guarding treasure! Hip grinning skeletons and candy skulls are celebrating the Day of the Dead, Halloween, or just hanging out – all waiting for you to add some color!Each illustration is drawn by hand from the artists’ imagination. Also included are original illustrations by Patricia Arnold and William Arnold.
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