The newest edition of Christmas Poems & Stories is now available for the 2014 Christmas Season! 

Every year since it was released, this book gains additional holiday essays, stories and poems. Rather than create additional volumes, we’ve chosen to continue to expand the book each year. It’s unknown what the final word count will be when a second volume is created, but we love the idea that this is the book that literally keeps giving each year!

More stories, more poems and now illustrations. This year’s contribution is a short story called “A Fairy Merry Christmas”. The story is illustrated, and the updated eBook version offers improved formatting. A print version of this title will be forthcoming, but the expanding nature of this title will postpone this possibility for the time being. The book now has an additional contributor, Lisa Renée Arnold and most likely the years will yield more authors.

If you’ve downloaded this title in the past, be sure to update your copy to the new edition for 2014. If you haven’t purchased a copy, please visit and get one. The eBook is $2.99 and free if you are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

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