Lisa Arnold’s new book, The Book of Dreamville, Theater of Dreams (the first book in the Dreamville series) has been released for Kindle. 

The latest illustrated book by Lisa Arnold, The Book of Dreamville is imaginative and unique. Where does Dreamville begin and the story end? Somewhere in your dreams! 

Imagine there’s a book that can transport readers to the most amazing place in the entire world. The first sentence of the story weaves itself into dreams, and the book is the doorway. If you can imagine such a thing, then you may just find yourself there just like Angelica Jones. 

Angelica loves books. One of her favorite pastimes is searching for the perfect story. When she finds a mysterious book, The Theater of Dreams, its magical properties transport her to the amazing world of Dreamville. In this first book in the Dreamville series, Angelica visits the Theater of Dreams and attends the oddest most amazing show ever! 

Join a troop of amazing performers and creatures in a place that is in need of a new dreamer like Angelica to fix things. With a spark of imagination, the world of Dreamville comes alive! Great for young readers who enjoy mystical, magical stories.

Recommended for young readers, but an imaginative read for all ages!

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