Interactive eBook App Release for Android: Count 10 Things at the Beach

We’ve introduced our first interactive book app created by our new app division, Dazygames. This application was produced completely by myself (Patricia Arnold) with Lisa Arnold providing the narration. Get it here!

This interactive eBook gives young readers the option to read on their own or have youth author Lisa Arnold read. The reader gets to count along with the story all the way to ten to discover a Fourth of July Independence Day finale! This entertaining book has an original rhyming story, illustrations and animations by the author.

Your young child will enjoy this beach themed, counting story with colorful pictures and interactive animations.

The application features: 
– Narration
– Interactive graphics
– Read by yourself if desired
– Sound effects
– Original illustrations and story

Creating interactive books is a long process, requiring planning stages like story boarding. The story itself has to be written, and the unique thing about the process is you have another step to think about as a writer and illustrator: how the characters and objects move! 

These objects unfortunately don’t move by themselves, and a lot happens to bring them onto the stage. Despite the additional planning, we hope to create more in the future!

The planning is what makes creating book applications so fun. You get to add an additional dimension. I hope to bring the inspiration I had as a young girl reading colorful children’s books in the library. They were the funnest types of stories! I wanted to create this type of experience for others.

Our application is currently available in Android in the Amazon Appstore.

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