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Try The Illuminiers by Patricia Arnold from the Magic of Locke Lake series!

Description: A School Beyond Magic and Time… 

The Illuminiers is a story of Amberly and Morgan. Both are from successful suburban families until out of nowhere, they are individually caught up in the schemes of Markus Burne. Their uncertain paths connect in a place of mystery and magic. 

The seeds of wickedness begin to take root in a haunted house. A stranger in the seemingly typical town of Locke Lake, Amberly is unable to avoid the frightening legacy and ghostly events within the notoriously haunted Gray Lady. 

Amberly’s relief comes in an offer from the mercilessly calculating Markus Burne. Though he agrees to banish the evil, Amberly has reservations. When Markus vanishes in shocking fashion, his daughter Morgan finds herself abandoned. Intended for a different destiny besides suffering at the hands of her stepmother, Morgan unites with her grandfather, Arthur Achron. Making the decision to live in Locke Lake brings her in close proximity of the past. Prepared to fulfill her destiny in a place beyond the physical world, she grows her magical gifts within the concealed walls of Elderwynne’s Academy. Within the hidden walls of Elderwynne’s, Morgan finds adventure. The truth is unveiled at last. 

This book draws the reader into the world of Elderwynne’s Academy, an amazing place with vibrant characters, descriptive settings and adventure around every corner.

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