It’s time for some hot chocolate and some winter reading! Both of these titles will warm your heart!

Our Christmas Anthology of short stories and poems can be found here.

An Anthology of Christmas Short Stories and Poems…

*This edition for December 2013 contains “The Winter Road”, a new story.

Short Stories Included:

The Tale of the Christmas Angel is about the mortal life of Sabrina and her gradual transformation into a Christmas Angel based on her kindness and generosity to others.

The Ghosts of Christmas Past is about a Christmas Eve “party” where the past and present meet. Young Charlie discovers there is more to the old Indiana homestead than he ever knew, and an heirloom candle lights the way.

The Red Christmas Scarf is about a plain red scarf given as a gift to a young girl from her grandmother. Although it looks like common gift, it has magical properties woven in its threads.

From December 2012: The Best Part of Christmas was originally published as the first place winner  of a 1997 newspaper Christmas essay contest. It is the author’s true account of the last Christmas that she spent with her mother.

NEW! For Christmas 2013: The Winter Road is a short story of a boy living in a rural area. One day, he learns that the land he lives on is frequented by someone important once a year.

The Burnished Bells of Holiday Cheer
One Day Before Christmas

The cover features a Christmas oil painting by Patricia Arnold.

Jessica Arnold’s Christmas book for children co-written with her sister, Lisa Arnold is available on Amazon here. It is the second book she wrote and has many illustrations.

Hello My Name is Rose and this is My Christmas Story invites children to count the days to Christmas with Rose. Every day she has something different planned to celebrate Christmas. Includes 26 illustrations by first time authors Jessica and Lisa Arnold, this is a fun story for kids written by kids!Enjoy some heartwarming holiday reading!

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