Look for Strictly G.I. on ACX Soon!

Strictly G.I. has been submitted as an audio book! It has been beautifully narrated by Priscilla Finch and listening to my book read made me forget that I had wrote it!

Designing the cover for ACX is interesting when you have the present cover in print and eBook in eBook orientation. The ACX cover must be at least 2400 pixels by 2400 pixels. Basically, no stretching is suggested. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to re-imagine the cover!

The book did well today after the promotion, I’m thankful for everyone that has shared it. It’s hard to believe I put this together a couple years ago! I believe it’s true that books get better with age! Hopefully, readers will see the audio book alongside the Kindle version soon. It’s going through the approval process. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004V02GCA

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