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A round of applause for the websites that featured my WWII memoir, Strictly G.I.:

I’m sure many authors can identify with the importance of having your book featured, blogged about, tweeted and recommended by book directories, bloggers and promoters during your book’s free promotion. They give your book promotion a valuable boost. What may have been a mediocre event becomes a success due to the efforts of book bloggers, webmasters and social media love.

I have some advice to share in regard to submitting to these helpful websites and blogs. It definitely helps to start early and take your time when sharing your promotion. We have at least thirty books in our catalog and for awhile I was burning the candle at both ends trying to promote them all. It’s amazing how many books we can churn out in this little publishing company! When I promoted ten titles at once, the results were less than spectacular. In essence, I was spreading myself too thin. In the end I learned a lesson.

I experienced greater success and accuracy when I focused on one title and gave it my all. The lesson is, if you took the time to write, illustrate and format your book, then it’s worth the time and expense to promote it.

If you find yourself in the same fix I do with too many titles and not enough time, then I recommend you get a little help with your promotion. Setting aside funds for advertising seems daunting to the author just starting out, but hiring someone to help now and then can bring a return on your investment! Having a free day on Amazon KDP and letting the “freeness” of your book on the #7 ranked website be the advertising doesn’t quite seal the deal like it once did.

Your free promotion will need a boost.

I would like to thank those that featured my book or promoted the discussion (there may be some I forget, but when I get the data together I’ll be sure to share, add and update to this list!). In addition, I recommend purchasing features from these groups, I’ve done so in the past with great results! I can’t think of a better way to invest in your book promotion.

This list isn’t in any particular order.

1. Kindle Books and Tips
2. If, And or But Publishing
3. Author Marketing Club
4. Book Goodies
5. Snicks List

4 Oak Books

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