Sassy Cat is LIVE in the Amazon App Store

Sassy Cat based on the children’s book, “Sassy Catt Acts Bad” by Patricia Arnold and Lisa Arnold is now an interactive book application available in the Amazon App Store here.

This dynamic, short story book app offers the following features:

  • The reader can choose to read the book or have it read to you.
  • Animated characters.
  • Click the characters to listen to them move and talk!
  • Condensed, amusing story.
  • Priced at  just .99!

Producing the application was enjoyable, and bringing our characters to life even more enjoyable. We were able to narrate the book using my own voice as the narrator and as Sassy’s mom and grandmother. Using my own voice was something I was hesitant on since I have somewhat of a deep voice that I never thought recorded well. With some help from Audacity, I was able to accomplish the task. Lending her voice to Sassy Catt herself is Lisa Arnold.

We hope to release more interactive book titles soon such as “I am Good at Lots of Things” by Jessica Arnold and “Brooke and the Magic Spectacles” by Patricia Arnold and Lisa Arnold.

Check out our debut interactive book, “Sassy Cat” today!

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