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To be sure, launching a novel involves a number of steps. To begin with, the story was written during NaNoWriMo, so I was really crunching words by the end of November 2012. From there, I spent months editing my work. Next, I added my illustrations; but something was missing.

I decided to give one of my five free print copies (a reward from Createspace for meeting and exceeding my 50K word goal – awesome deal by the way) to my daughter, who was excited to read it. I autographed it and handed it to her, and she was thrilled with it. She read it from cover to cover and then gave me feedback. She made pages of notes and suggestions!

She was a wonderful resource for this book. She even helped me with creating more illustrations. What a valuable resource she is! She helped me re-phrase my sentences so that they would be more relevant. Of course, Lisa Arnold (age 13) is my co-author, and I am so appreciative of her help! Family and friends of all ages are a wonderful resource to inspire, give feedback and support when writing a novel! I highly recommend learning from those closest to you. 

After the hard work, I realized that there is so much more to do. A great deal of energy goes into promoting the book, but fortunately there are some wonderful resources out there for new authors. I found many of the best directories to list a blurb about my book in Author Marketing Club, but there are so many websites and groups helpful to authors. A search on Google for “submit your free kindle book” will yield enough to keep a new author busy.

When it comes to marketing, don’t hesitate to accept help with that as well! Launching a book is a busy process that sometimes requires a team! Don’t overlook support from loved ones and friends, they are invaluable!

Now if it were only easier to get reviews…
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