Book Cover Reveal for Video Game and The Illuminiers

Jessica Arnold’s next book, tentatively called Video Game. has moved into the next phase of development. She has completed the story and the illustrations, and I have scanned all 13 images she’s created. Going directly to paper with her pencils has always been her method. She writes the story at the top of the page and then draws the illustration when she is done with that part of the story. 

Jessica improvises on what happens in the middle, but she always has a plan for the beginning and an outcome in mind. 

Video Game. is a short title, and I may persuade her to come up with a subtitle!

Jessica has complete reign when it comes to naming her books – she thinks of the titles herself, from wordy ones like Nobody Can Take My Happy Away to short ones like her newest book in development. Video Game is about a young boy named Max who gets hooked on gaming. It’s a cute story, with some surprises. Incidentally, Jessica loves video games, so the book is kind of an adventure/learning experience/statement on how you can have too much of a good thing 🙂

Here is a glimpse of Jessica’s cover for the book that she created using color pencils:

Now that Jessica’s story is written and the illustrations are scanned in, it’s time for formatting, editing, and everything that goes with that! Jessica’s book will be available for May 2013. I will post updates for promos and giveaways soon!
Meanwhile, my upcoming novel, The Illuminiers has moved to the final stage of editing. It’s a novel with illustrations by myself and Lisa Arnold. It is intended for all ages. My hope is to release the digital and print version simultaneously, but print preparation always takes longer than I anticipate. I can be somewhat of a perfectionist in this area, but maybe it’s warranted as I always find something that can be improved upon or fixed later down the road. I will be posting updates when the book makes its debut.

Here is a preview of the cover I’ve designed featuring my own illustrations:

Lisa Arnold is also working on around 2-3 projects, and we will have news on that soon as well! She is usually credited on all of our projects, as she is always helping in some way whether it is creating illustrations or editing.

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