Thank you Freebooksy for featuring Brooke & the Fairy Happy Birthday! They offer wonderful resources for authors, and I highly recommend them as we have around 30+ titles which always require promoting! They hand-select their features, so I am excited that this book was selected! This book is the third in the Murphy Family Farm series, and I am working on a fourth which will be completed tentatively Spring 2013. 

In regard to the series, my daughter Lisa Arnold contributed to all the illustrations. We have worked together on several other projects, and I am amazed at the stories we produce together. I can say that at almost thirteen, Lisa draws as well as I!

The inspiration for the series started with my childhood. Ever since I was young, I liked stories about fairies and mythical beasts. I grew up in the country, so naturally, I really enjoyed the stories about fairies and creatures helping farmers. We’ve combined two fiction genres, country life and fantasy to form one. I often do this in my writing, and sometimes I am not certain which genre they belong to! 

A couple of years ago I was told by a complete stranger to there was something I have always wanted to do since I was a child and that I should now focus on that dream. Of course, that dream was to write and illustrate books for children. It has been my dream ever since I was little typing out my stories on my aunt’s Smith-Corona electric typewriter. While visiting, I would write and then illustrate my characters until I had pages and pages of material. When I decided to become an artist at 18, my aunt was confused. She was sure that her niece was an author too.

I believe that writer, artists and illustrators perfects their craft solely for the sake of the happiness of the reader. If I have achieved a smile, I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve raised my daughters surrounded by the great imaginative books of my youth, and they have created their own stories.
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