As we move ahead with new upcoming titles such as:

The Illuminiers by Patricia Arnold (currently in the final stages for digital release and for print in Spring 2013)

Another Installment of the Magical Murphy farm series

We also wish to revisit some of our previous titles. Brooke and the Magic Spectacles received 3 new illustrations and a map of the Murphy Farm so that readers have a view of where the story takes place. 

In addition, Jessica Arnold’s title, Do I Need a Boyfriend is getting a makeover as well, receiving vibrant new colors for the illustrations and the story will be extended. 

We feel this is a wonderful thing to do for our readers, and we are working with Amazon to hopefully help our readers that purchased the previous version of the titles we improve upon to receive the newly updated books.

Although our company is a year old, we are always looking for ways to revise for improvement while keeping the original imagining. 

Happy Reading!
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