All my life I’ve had varied interests. I began to write stories at the age of ten, I chose art at the age of fourteen. By the time I was in my twenties I was a graphic designer, and then studied programming, website development and marketing. Recently, I completed my college education with a Masters in Computer Science. I’m learning mobile application development, and that was just last week. I constructed four Android applications in one week. This is fun for me. 

Today, I have expanded my knowledge on poultry.

That leaves me with a smorgasbord of knowledge, but perhaps I like it that way. 

I have been told that it’s inconsistent to write in many genres, but I can’t seem to help it. I have at least ten different projects I am working on at once. This is my way of finishing what I start, one segment at a time. My first novel was a WWII memoir. Naturally, it began as a genealogy project and then evolved.

Since that book, I have written fiction for adults, children and even books on information security. My written works are as diverse as my art and education has been. Many things fascinate me. I’ve considered pen names, but I think this is just who I am. Instead of going on Facebook, I like to visit Wikipedia and Pinterest.

I’m a person who loves random knowledge, wants to learn new things, and discuss it.

With all the great books out there, I have plenty of material to learn as I go!
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