I’m working on the cover for my newest novel “The Illuminiers.” This is my illustration of my main character, Morgan Fey Achron. Drawing is a great diversion from endless editing, and it allows me to add art into my written works. I’m not sure if I would ever be able to release the creative reigns of my project to a team of designers. 

Since I’ve been a graphic and web designer for over a decade, and an artist/writer since about the age of ten, adding my own visual interpretations to a story I’ve written comes natural to me. It’s important for me to feel close to my work. I think that’s why I feel self-publishing is an art. If you consider the big picture, there’s nothing new about the author as an artist. Writers have been adding artistic embellishments to their work for ages. This story was being illustrated even while it was being written. I plan on including these illustrations in the book when I release it.

Some of the elements I’ve drawn will make it to the cover. Formatting and designing the book is where the graphic designer part of me steps in and finishes the process. The final result? My complete expression.

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