At around 8:45 p.m. Eastern Time November 30, 2012, I validated my word count and became a National Novel Writing Month winner. At 51513 validated words, I admit I am feeling very accomplished – and just enough inspired still to post this to the blog. 

I admit I had some doubts that I could churn out a novel in one month, because last year was a flop. This year, I thought, maybe, just maybe I can do it.

The beginning was easy, I felt INSPIRED! The middle found me losing my train of thought. This point was difficult because I kept on feeling that the novel was becoming a confused conglomerate of gunk that wasn’t really getting off the ground. It was stalling, so I gave the plot a jump of excitement till it was running like a new car. 

The home stretch was EXCRUTIATING. I feel that this was the most difficult part, because I had to complete 10K words in just a few days. This was the longest 10K of my life, and it felt like I was physically having to run ten miles. I literally kept falling asleep in my chair.

But I knew I couldn’t hibernate yet, because the end would be RIGHTEOUS!

Once I got over the hill and skimmed through what I was writing, I got my second wind to complete the writing challenge. As I completed the last chapter then added more, I was like, RIGHTEOUS, RIGHTEOUS! Then, what do you know? I have a decent semi-done work here, and as I read some of it over now, it didn’t turn out to be the confusing blob I thought it would be. 

I have a plot, an actual plot! Oh and it all worked out! When I consider how long it will take to fully proof, I can have this thing fully whipped into shape for a Christmas eBook release. My creative engine is running smooth enough for another 10 miles at least.

Thank you,, for giving my novel idea a kickstart! 

~ Patricia Arnold, Author of “The Illuminiers” built in the novel sandbox of NaNoWriMo!

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